Terms & Conditions

MS Office provides help and support to its client primarily based in its terms and conditions as mentioned during this Terms and Conditions Page.

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MS Office provides support to its client among the support amount and on the amount of support purchased by the client. Outside the support amount, MS Office won’t be able to offer support to its customers.

Updates and upgrades

When a client purchases a product,they receive a non-transferable license to utilize the updates provided by the corporate. The updates and upgrades is utilized by the client among the merchandise amount. Customers square measure extremely suggested to transfer and install all updates to the merchandise and make sure that the antivirus is updated often victimization an online association. The client must browse and comply with the privacy policies of the updates free by the corporate so as to use it. Failure in doing itmight end in the shortcoming to completely utilize the merchandise from the customer’s finish. For upgrades, customers would possibly got to modification their hardware since upgrades typically need a hardware upgrade.

Versions Supported

All the support provided by the corporate is restricted to the present version and therefore the previous version. The support from the corporate is in accordance to the tip of Life agreement. The client can got to verify if the merchandise is eligible for support.

Response Time

MS Office tends to any or all its queries and customers at the earliest. However, numerous problems would possibly would like completely different response times. Thanks to maintenance and upgradation, the support page may well be suspended for transient periods.

Fixing bugs and running medical specialty

MS Office tries to produce the simplest attainable choices to unravel any problems and should embrace patches or workaround steps to mend the matter. once required the corporate would possibly got to run remote medical specialty to spot and solve the matter. If the client opts for a technical on web site diagnostic, then sure expenses may well be incurred by the client.

Support Coverage

When getting a product, the client might prefer an exact level of client support. If the client purchases many merchandise,they will have associate degree choice to keep an equivalent level of support for all the merchandise. A number of the support levels square measure accessible for purchasers to buy in sure support regions.


In case a client tampers with the merchandise or modifies it while not the permission of MS Office, the corporate might value more highly to terminate support to the client. if the client uses this product in violation of the user agreements, support may well be terminated. MS Office reserves the correct to terminate support to the client if they violate any user agreement as mentioned within the User Policy.


MS Office ensures that the support is completed in an exceedingly skilled manner and adheres to the business standards. For any violation of this pledge, the customer’s remedy and therefore the company’s liability are the re-performance of the support. This is often applicable on condition that the client provides written notice of the breach among thirty days. The support doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be free from defects and errors and can shield from all threats.