How to use OneDrive on your Windows PC?

OneDrive is an online service which helps you to store data in the cloud by using your Microsoft account. It can be used to store your important files securely in one place and easily access it from any devices. When OneDrive was available with Windows 7 and 8, it was simply considered an add-on to the operating system. However, with Windows 10, it has been integrated into the file explorer. MS Office Setup OneDrive can easily be accessed from File Explorer, where you can store files that you want to access from other devices.


What are the features of OneDrive?

OneDrive allows you to access stored files from any device including other PC, tablet or phone. helps you to connect all your files which enable you to share and work together with your colleagues. Some of the remarkable features of OneDrive, compared to other cloud storage service, are mentioned below.

  • Access anywhere – By getting OneDrive from office com setup, you could easily store and access your personal data. In addition, you might even be able to store and share your work files with your colleagues from all your devices. In this case, when you make changes to your documents, the same is automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed by your work friends.
  • Collaborate together – Office setup can help you to work faster with anyone whether they work within or outside your organization. It is designed to enable you to store, access and easily update files from anywhere. Furthermore, you could share the changes to your work colleagues.
  • Maximum portability – Unlike other online storage services out there, OneDrive can be used on multiple platforms. You can view, create, edit, and share files with the OneDrive app for the mobile devices both for both iOS and Android. In addition, you could capture whiteboards, scan receipts, business cards, and other documents for storage. If in mid of working on the computer you have an emergency to go somewhere, you may continue your work on any mobile platform.
  • Optimum security options – It comes with the ability to protect your files from any unauthorized access. You might have deleted your files unknowingly which could either you need to start from scratch or lose last progress. Fortunately, with, you could recover files that you may have deleted accidentally. There is also the threat of ransomware which could lock you from accessing your files on the computer. In this case, OneDrive works as an alternative solution to backup files and prevent them from such malicious attacks.

What are the basics of working with OneDrive?

 When you are working on a document in MS Office Setup, you can save it OneDrive folder to access it on any other devices. Even when you are not connected to the Internet, you can open File Explorer and move your files to OneDrive. When you get reconnected again, OneDrive will automatically backup the new files to the cloud to make it accessible for you.


How to use OneDrive on your Windows PC?
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